February 11 - 15, 2019

"Mitochondrial protein misfolding causes behavioral changes in mice"

Liam Coyne
Graduate Assistant, Chen Lab
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Postdoc/Graduate Student Seminar
Monday, February 11 @ 12 pm, 2231 WH
Questions? Call: 315-464-8707 | Open to the public

"Coordinated Expression of Laminins in the Developing Retinal Vasculature"

Jared Watters
Neuroscience Program PhD Candidate, Dr. William Brunken's Lab
Department of Ophthalmology, Center for Vision Research
Neuroscience Graduate Program & Physiology Graduate Program Seminar
Tuesday, February 12 @ 12 - 1 pm, 4709 NRB
Questions? Call: 315-464-7752

"Protein Engineering Reveals Distinct Functions of Kinesin Motors in Mammalian Cells"

Martin Engelke, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan Medical School
Cell & Developmental Biology Faculty Candidate Seminar
Wednesday, February 13 @ 1:15 pm, 103 WH
Questions? Call: 315-464-5120 | Open to the public


"New York State Cannabis legalization for the public health: A state run monopoly"

Sunny Aslam, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Grand Rounds
Thursday, February 14 @ 4 - 5:30 pm, 2nd Floor, 713 Harrison Street, PBS Building
Questions? Call: 315-464-3120 | Open to the public

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars and meetings listed above are closed to the public; only employees of Upstate Medical University, or other SUNY employees, may attend. For question or to submit a seminar for a future This Week in Research please email Ellen Furnari at: FurnariE@upstate.edu.