April 17 - 21, 2017

"A novel role of Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) in maintenance of genome stability through R-loop regulation"

Arijita Chakraborty
Graduate Student, Feng Lab
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student Seminar Series
Monday, April 17 @ 12 pm, 2231 WH
Questions? Call: 4-8707 | Open to the public

"The Joys of Immunosequencing"

Russell Levack
Winslow Lab
Microbiology & Immunology Works in Progress
Tuesday, April 18 @ 11 am, 3509/10 Setnor
Questions? Call: 4-7675

"The role of Large in O-mannosyl glycosylation"

Rachel Sager
Neuroscience Program PhD Candidate, Dr. Huaiyu Hu's Lab
Neuroscience Graduate Program & Physiology Graduate Program
Tuesday, April 18 @ 12 - 1 pm, 4709 NRB
Questions? Call: 4-7752

Autism Symposium 2017: Where We Are, Where We Are Going

Neuroscience Graduate Program & Neuroscience & Physiology
Tuesday, April 18 @ 3 - 6 pm, 4414 NAB: General Audience
Featuring: John Donvan, ABC News, New York Times best-selling author of In a Different Key: The Story of Autism
Stephan Sanders, MD, PhD, UCSF School of Medicine
John Spiro, PhD, Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
Wednesday, April 19 @ 8:45 am - 5:30 pm, 4414 NAB:
Science-oriented Audience
Featuring: Randall Carpenter, MD, Rett Syndrome Research Trust
Arthur Beaudet, MD, Baylor College of Medicine
Questions & schedule: www.upstate.edu/neurosymposium | Open to the public

Research Conference

Leszek Kotula, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Urology
Urology Grand Rounds
Wednesday, April 19 @ 7 - 9 am, CC C1076A/B/C
Questions? Call: 4-4473

"Connections Between Diet and Metal Exposures in Urban Uruguayan Children"

Katarzyna Korda, PhD
Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental Health, University at Buffalo
SUNY Global Health Institute Virtual Grand Rounds
Hosted by Center for Global Health and Translational Science & University at Buffalo
Wednesday, April 19 @ 12 - 12:45 pm, 103 WH
Questions? Email: GlobalHealth@upstate.edu

"Disability, Critical Design and Collective Access"

Aimi Hamraie, PhD
Vanderbilt University, Center for Medicine, Health & Society
Consortium for Culture & Medicine
Wednesday, April 19 @ 1 - 3 pm, 1159 WH
Questions or to RSVP: 4-5404 | Open to the public

Introduction to Pre-Awards Compliance System (PACS) - Agreements Module: The New Web-Based System for Submission of Research Contracts"

Danielle Doll, MS
Clinical Trials Administrator
Research Administration Hot Topics in Research
Wednesday, April 19 @ 12 - 1 pm, 3109 WH
Questions or to RSVP: CerroR@upstate.edu

"The Roles of PIM1/PIM2 Kinases in Breast Cancer"

Patrick Faughnan
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Golam Mohi's Lab
Pharmacology Seminar
Thursday, April 20 @ 12 pm, 3509-10 Setnor
Questions? Call: 4-7949

"Heritage, Voices, and Health: How the Black Barbershop Improves Wellness"

Joyce E. Balls-Berry, PhD, MPE
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Co-founder, Office for Community Engagement in Research, Mayo Clinic
Public Health and Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds
Thursday, April 20 @ 12:15 pm, 2231 WH
Questions? Email: SchadLa@upstate.edu | Open to the public

"Retinal regeneration in X. laevis - more fish-like then previously thought?"

Reyna Martinez-DeLuna, PhD
Zuber Lab, Ophthalmology
Developmental Biology Interest Group
Sponsored by Vice President for Research Office
Thursday, April 20 @ 4 pm, 3509 Setnor
Questions? Call: 4-8507

Unless otherwise indicated, the seminars and meetings listed above are closed to the public; only employees of Upstate Medical University, or other SUNY employees, may attend. For question or to submit a seminar for a future This Week in Research please email Ellen Furnari at: FurnariE@upstate.edu.