Upstate showcases services, expertise, offers health screenings at New York State Fair, beginning Aug. 22

Upstate showcases services, expertise, offers health screenings at New York State Fair, beginning Aug. 22

SYRACUSE, N.Y.-- Upstate Medical University will showcase an array of services,educational programs, offer health information and provide free healthscreenings--along with an opportunity to wander through a giant brain--atthe New York State Fair, which runs from Aug. 22 to Sept. 3.

Located in the Science and Industry Building, Upstate’s exhibit isopen each day of the fair from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Last year’s exhibitattracted nearly 150,000 people who walked away with information on howto stay safe, healthy, and how to prevent or manage a variety of healthcare conditions.

“Upstate Medical University’s fair line up this year has somethingfor everyone,” said Darcy Dibiase, Upstate assistant directorof¬†marketing and university communications who coordinates Upstate’s NewYork State Fair presence. “It highlights the breadth and depth ofservices and expertise that Upstate offers the region.”

All aspects of Upstate’s mission, from teaching and research toclinical care will be featured at the fair with more than 400 experts onhand througout the run of the fair to answer health questions. Ofcourse, the exhibit will have plenty for fairgoers to take home, fromsunscreen and hand sanitizer to notepads, magnetic clips and pens.

On Students Day, Aug. 31, Upstate will present a 15-foot tall brainthat fairgoers can visit. A walk through the brain will highlight theanatomy of the brain and show what happens to the brain during atraumatic injury, stroke or concussion.

On Seniors Day, Upstate will give away 1,000 vial for life bags tosenior fairgoers. The bags contain a vial, similar to a prescriptionbottle, where individuals can store all their important healthinformation. For example, a list of all medications one is taking, namesof physicians and family members, etc., can be placed in the vial whichis then stored in the refrigerator for safe keeping. A sticker on therefrigerator alerts the EMS providers of the information that can befound inside the refrigerator. Having this information immediatelyavailable for medical professions can make a big difference in the careof the patient.

People in the vicinity of Upstate’s exhibit are likely to hear thesweet sounds of bell ringing. Once again, the Upstate Cancer Center willhave on display its Survivor Bell, which can be rung by cancersurvivors whenever they stop by the exhibit.

“It’s one of the most wondrous sounds at the fair,” said DiBiase. “Itseems like we are hearing the bell ring more and more each year, whichmeans more people are surviving cancer.”

Upstate’s exhibit will also provide educational information on PrEPand HIV prevention, how to live healthy with a chronic condition, and onhow to prevent and treat concussion. It will offer free visionscreenings and the opportunity for people to sign up for a studysponsored by its Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, andfor clinical trials offered through its Center for Global Health &Translational Science.

Each day, Upstate staff will be at the exhibit to answer questions. Look for these Upstate experts and departments at the fair:

Wednesday, Aug. 22 (Governor’s Day) Concussion Management Program,Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Center for Global Health andTranslational Science, Joslin Diabetes Center, Upstate Cancer Center.

Thursday, Aug. 23 (Agriculture Day): Comprehensive Stroke Center,Emergency Medicine (Opioid Overdoes Prevention Training), CommunityCampus Orthopedics, Clark Burn Center, Upstate Cancer Center.

Friday, Aug. 24 (Pride Day): Immune Health Services, Pathology, Infectious Disease, Upstate Cancer Center.

Saturday, Aug. 25: Healthy Hearts screening, noon to 6 p.m.; Upstate Volunteers, Upstate Cancer Center.

Sunday, Aug. 26: Wound care and carbon monoxide education, Upstate Volunteers, Upstate Cancer Center.

Monday, Aug. 27 (Law Enforcement Day/Seniors Day): Vision Screening,10 a.m to 4 p.m.; Geriatrics, Healthlink/OASIS/Living with ChronicDisease Program; Brain and Spine Center; Upstate Cancer Center.

Tuesday, Aug. 28: (Beef Day/Seniors Day/Fire and Rescue Day): UpstateComprehensive Stroke Center; Triage and Transfer, Upstate Connect;Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Nurses Improving Care forHealthsystem Elders; Upstate Cancer Center.

Wednesday, Aug. 29 (Women’s Day): Cardiovascular, UpstateOrthopedics, Family Birth Center, Occupational Health Clinical Center,Upstate Cancer Center.

Thursday, Aug 30 (Armed Forces Day/Dairy Day): Upstate ComprehensiveStroke Center, Upstate Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Nurse Recruitment,Upstate Cancer Center.

Friday, Aug. 31 (Students Day/Six Nations Day): Pediatrics EmergencyDepartment and Upstate Golisano After Hours Care, Safe Kids Upstate NewYork Coalition, Pediatric Trauma, Upstate Cancer Center (Pediatrics).

Saturday, Sept. 1 (Grange Day): Healthy Hearts Screenings, noon to 6 p.m.; Upstate Volunteers.

Sunday, Sept. 2: Upstate Volunteers, Upstate Cancer Center.

Monday, Sept. 3: Upstate Volunteers, Upstate Cancer Center.