Upstate gears up for Heart Walk April 1

Upstate gears up for Heart Walk April 1

SYRACUSE, N.Y.-- The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association made itofficial this week: Upstate Medical University was the top corporatefundraiser for last year’s Heart Walk.

The award-winning Upstate team enlisted 653 participants and raised$42, 812. That means nearly one out of every five Heart Walkparticipants were associated with Upstate, and more than 8 percent ofthe total proceeds raised at the Heart Walk were from Upstate.

The award was presented at Upstate’s annual Heart Walk kick off, heldJan. 24, where Upstate staff members, serving as team captains for theHeart Walk, gathered to hear details of this year’s walk, which is setfor Saturday, April 1 at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College.

Upstate President Danielle Laraque-Arena, MD, thanked the Upstatecommunity and especially those staff members who serve as team captainsfor the outstanding work and bringing recognition to the university asthe top fundraiser at the Heart Walk.

Laraque-Arena said she was grateful for the partnership with theheart and stroke association and noted Upstate’s work at fighting heartdisease takes place on various fronts, including clinical care, researchand community education.

Joseph Sanger, PhD, professor and chair of the Department Cell andDevelopmental Biology, added his thanks to the heart and strokeassociation and to Upstate’s Heart Walk team for raising the resourcesfor Upstate to work at finding new cures and a new understanding of theunderlying causes of heart disease.

Sanger noted that two faculty members in his department, JeffreyAmack, PhD, and David W. Pruyne, PhD, received research grants from theAmerican Heart Association before winning grants from the NationalInstitutes of Health.

Association officials also recognized Upstate team captains for theiroutstanding work in supporting the Heart Walk. Those honored includeCheryl Brown, Yvonne Goodman, Zanette Howe, Amy Nesbitt, Beth Sellers,Richard Veenstra, PhD, Danielle Wheeler Vickery and Patty Warga, who wasthe top individual Upstate fundraiser for the Heart Walk last year,raising $2,736.

To register to participate in this year’s Heart Walk, go to Heart Walk.

On-site registration for the Heart Walk will be held on the DowntownCampus March 1 on the second floor of Upstate University Hospital from11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and on the Community Campus March 2 in thecafeteria from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The money raised at the Heart Walk helps support advocacy, education and research.

Caption: Upstate Medical University President DanielleLaraque-Arena, MD, fourth from left, accepts honors from the AmericanHeart Association/American Stroke Association as Upstate was recognizedas the top corporate fundraiser for the 2016 Heart Walk. Also honoredfor their work as team captains for the Heart Walk, were Upstateemployees, from left, Patty Warga, Beth Sellers, Laraque-Arena, ZanetteHowe and Yvonne Goodman. Franklin Fry, executive director of the GreaterSyracuse Division of the American Heart Association/American StrokeAssociation, is at left.