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May 26, 2006
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Bids are opened for University Hospital’s vertical expansion project, including Golisano Children’s Hospital

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Bids for three of the four construction contracts for University Hospital’s vertical expansion project, which includes the Golisano Children’s Hospital, have been opened by the State University Construction Fund (SUCF). The SUCF, the state agency responsible for the construction of the vertical expansion project, oversees construction activities at all of SUNY’s non-community college campuses.

The contract for vertical expansion interior work will be bid this fall.

Before a contract is awarded, bids are subject to a due diligence review by the SUCF and the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the Office of the State Comptroller.

“We are pleased with the number of bids we have received for this key project,” said Phillip S. Schaengold, JD, MBA, chief executive officer of University Hospital. “While we expected some increases in construction costs, due particularly to increases in construction materials and fuel since planning for this project began, the bids that have been opened over the last several weeks will enable this project to move forward.”

Schaengold applauded the efforts of many employees who have worked on this project. “The planning that has brought us to this point has involved many employees from all across campus,” he said. “I am grateful to everyone for their hard work and determination, and we are all eager to move on to the next step.” Schaengold said he is confident the bid review process will go smoothly and that work on the vertical expansion could begin by September.

The state health department has approved a total project cost for the vertical expansion of $118.9 million to cover all aspects of the project, including construction management fees and equipment costs. Total cost of the project can only be ascertained after the final bid is awarded. Should the contracts and other costs exceed $118.9 million, the hospital would submit a revised budget to the state health department for approval.

The state legislature has granted University Hospital the authority to finance the construction through bonding. In addition, $21.5 million was raised during a capital campaign to help build the children’s hospital portion of the vertical expansion.

The vertical expansion will be a six-story addition to be built atop University Hospital’s east wing. It includes patient care floors for oncology, neurology and cardiology services and the two-story Golisano Children’s Hospital of Central New York.

The low bid for the core and shell contract (the building exterior) was submitted by LeChase Construction LLC, based in Rochester, N.Y., $37,665,000. An additional bid was submitted by Northland Associates, Liverpool, N.Y., $45,755,000. Prior to bid, officials estimated the cost of core and shell at $38,117,000.

The low bid for mechanical work (plumbing, fire protection, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems) was submitted by North Central Mechanical, Victor, N.Y., $27,961,000. Additional bids were submitted by Bell Constructors, Rochester, N.Y., $29,857,000; Burns Brothers Construction, Syracuse, N.Y., $31,905,000. Prior to bid, officials estimated the cost of mechanical work at $26,949,000.

The low bid for electrical work was submitted by Ridley Electric Co. Inc., Syracuse, N.Y., $13,570,000. Additional bids were submitted by Huen New York Inc., East Syracuse, N.Y., $15,596,000; O’Connell Electric Co., doing business as Syracuse Merit Electric, East Syracuse, N.Y., $16,661,500. Prior to bid, officials estimated cost of electrical work at $11,433,000.

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