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March 28, 2006
Darryl Geddes 315 464-4828

SUNY Upstate is expected to rebid the Vertical Expansion project in early April. An earlier bid on the project has been rejected.

The new bid package splits the Vertical Expansion project into four different contracts: HVAC (heating, air conditioning and plumbing), Architecture, Core and Shell, and Electrical work. The creation of multiple contracts for a project as large as the Vertical Expansion is not uncommon.

We have heard from numerous contractors who are interested in this project, but said it was too large overall for them to be involved, said Dick O’Shea, assistant vice president for management. By repackaging the bid as we have, we expect the project to appeal to a larger number of potential local and regional contractors.” Once the bids have been awarded, contractors will begin planning pre-construction activities on the site. Construction could begin in September with completion set for 2009.

The Vertical Expansion is SUNY Upstate’s most ambitious construction project since opening University Hospital in 1965. The six-story Vertical Expansion will rise above University Hospital’s East Wing and features floors dedicated to oncology, cardiology and neurology services and the Golisano Children’s Hospital. One floor will be used to house heating, air conditioning and other technical systems.

The project’s architect, Karlsberger, is finalizing the revised plans under the direction of the State University Construction Fund, with the local assistance from King and King Architects, as well as the Pike Company, which serves as the project’s construction manager.

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