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August 20, 2014
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Steel rises on site of new academic building

SYRACUSE, N.Y.— The steel structure of the Upstate Medical University’s new academic building is taking shape on the southwest edge of the Upstate campus. The building will house Upstate Medical University’s College of Nursing and select programs of Upstate’s College of Health Professions.

The five-story, 80,000 square foot structure is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016. The building is located west of the Weiskotten Hall Addition, connecting the Weiskotten complex with Silverman Hall and Upstate University Hospital. These connections will allow a person to walk from Silverman Hall to the northwest corner of Garage West without having to step outdoors.

College of Nursing Dean Joyce Griffin-Sobel, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.E., A.N.E.F., says that the relocation of the College of Nursing from off campus to the new building will revitalize the Upstate campus in many ways. The college is currently located on Cedar Street in Syracuse.

“Students, faculty and patients will benefit as the education of health care professionals is transformed in an environment conducive to interprofessional education,” said Griffin-Sobel. “Learning spaces will facilitate working in teams, reflecting our new curricular approach emphasizing team-based learning. The College of Nursing will have its own identify and have increased visibility on campus, which is essential to interprofessional education, practice and research.”

The Physical Therapy—Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Physician Assistant (PA)—programs of the College of Health Professions, as well as the Dean’s suite, will move to the new building from their current Silverman Hall locations.

“The DPT and PA programs will each occupy the better part of a floor with each of the areas featuring a practice laboratory, simulation, and class/study group facilities in order to develop an individualized ‘learning community’ during the students’ professional education at Upstate,” said Hugh Bonner, Ph.D., F.A.S.A.H.P., dean of the College of Health Professions.

Bonner adds that when the new academic building is complete, much of Silverman Hall will be renovated and modernized to provide College of Health Professions’ students with modern technology and much-needed space.

The New Academic Building at a glance:

• The first occupied floor corresponds to the first floor of Weiskotten Hall and will house two general classrooms and the College of Nursing.

• The second floor includes office space for the dean of the College of Health Professions and classroom and office space for the physician assistant program, and one general classroom.

• The third floor is dedicated to the DPT program offices and teaching spaces.

• The fourth floor features a large multi-function space, able to accommodate up to 349 seats, and which can be divided to create two teaching spaces for 75 to 200 students.

• The lowest level provides space for a new steam generation plant for the south campus and a chilled water plant that will be connected to the Weiskotten Hall Addition/Weiskotten Hall complex, and other building systems.

• A mezzanine connects the bridge to the hospital with elevators and stairs and provides a corridor for circulation to Silverman Hall. Student lockers will also be located here.

The building is designed by Ewing Cole Architects of Philadelphia with a projected total project cost of $40.5 million. LEED certification at the silver level from the U.S. Green Building Council is being pursued for the facility.

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