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January 7, 2010
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Upstate installs new filtered water stations as part of the university’s ?Think Green’ initiative

SYRACUSE, N.Y.— Filtered water is flowing through a growing number of drinking fountains on the Upstate Medical University campus. Physical Plant crews have been installing new water stations that deliver filtered water from a standard drinking spout and a vertical “gooseneck” element for filling reusable bottles.

The new units are being installed in 10 buildings that previously did not have filtered water. University Hospital, the Weiskotten Hall Addition and the Gamma Knife Center already have filtered water. “In various locations around campus we are trying to provide sources of water equal to what is supplied by bottled water,” said Gary Kittell, Physical Plant director. “The intent is to have water fountains with appropriate filtering systems in a limited number of locations in each campus building, to demonstrate their effectiveness and test customer satisfaction.”

The filtered water stations are identifiable by their distinctive gooseneck feature and by signs sporting the Upstate “Think Green” logo. If the new filtered water stations prove to be popular, additional units may be installed in various buildings, Kittell said.

A sophisticated filtration system has been in place for many years in University Hospital and was updated in 2004. The Weiskotten Hall Addition’s existing filtration system was improved that year as well. The Gamma Knife Center has had filtered water since it opened in 1998.

Each new water station contains a carbon filter that reduces or removes odors and contaminants, and meets national standards for health and aesthetics.

The water stations are part of the Upstate “Think Green” sustainability initiative, and help to support compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order to halt the purchase of bottled water with state funds. Tom Pelis, chair of Upstate’s Sustainability Task Force, noted that the Upstate program strives to go beyond the Executive Order.

“We intend to provide a quality and cost-effective alternative to bottled water for our employees, faculty, students and visitors while reducing Upstate’s carbon footprint,” Pelis said. The gooseneck feature on the new fountains is designed to help reduce the use of commercial plastic water bottles on campus, and to encourage the use of reusable water bottles.

Last fall, workers began installing new units in Weiskotten Hall before moving on to other buildings.

Locations of the filtered water fountain are:
? Clark Tower: main floor lobby.
? Computer Warehouse Building, main floor.
? Institute for Human Performance, first floor, near Imaging Center.
? Jacobsen Hall, main floor lobby.
? Setnor Academic Building, architecturally significant existing fountains on all five floors have been retrofitted with filters.
? Silverman Hall, main floor lobby.
? Weiskotten Hall ? two new filtered fountains have been installed at either end of the first floor main corridor; a filtered water and ice machine has been installed in the first floor vending machine area near the student lounge; four fountains in the renovated areas on the third and fourth floors already deliver filtered water: third floor near rooms 3223 and 3242, and 4th floor near rooms 4227 and 4257; all water fountains in the Health Sciences Library are filtered; and all water fountains in the Weiskotten Hall Addition deliver filtered water.

Scheduled for filtered water in the near future:
? Building 49: One filtered water fountain will be installed on the main floor.
? C.A.B.: Two filtered water fountains will be installed; one on the main floor and one in the student exercise area.
? Day Care Center at Sarah Loguen Center: One filtered water fountain will be installed on the main floor.

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