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September 30, 2008
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University Hospital is first in the state to bring new imaging device into operating room

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — University Hospital is the first New York State hospital to use a revolutionary new imaging system—the O-arm Imaging System—that provides physicians with unprecedented views of patient anatomy—in the operating room, during the surgical procedure.

“This real-time access improves accuracy and enables us to employ more minimally invasive techniques,” said neurosurgeon Ross Moquin M.D., the first University Hospital surgeon to use the system. “Our immediate access to high-resolution, 3D images results in decreased ?collateral damage’ such as incision size and blood loss.”

The system is particularly useful in spinal deformity or scoliosis surgery, Moquin said. “The spine is often so deformed that normal landmarks are not clearly visible. With the O-arm, we have an immediate, accurate view of patient anatomy and instrument placement.

“Prior to completing the procedure, we can obtain a post-op scan, while the patient is still open and under anesthesia,” he said. “This decreases the need for return to the OR for implant revision procedures.”

The O-arm’s unique configuration—it literally encircles the patient—provides lateral patient access and a significantly larger field of view, which appears on a 30-inch flat digital monitor. Imaging speed is also enhanced. In approximately 30 seconds, the O-arm completes a 360-degree spin and captures almost 400 three-dimensional images.

University Hospital’s O-arm is the only system in New York state and one of 65 worldwide. It has been in use at University Hospital since May 2008

For patients, notes Moquin, this technology translates to one thing: a faster, more comfortable, recovery.

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