About Public and Media Relations

Location: 250 Harrison Street, second floor
Phone: 315 464-4836

Contact: Darryl Geddes, Director
Email: geddesd@upstate.edu
Phone: 464-4828

Contact: Doretta Royer, Associate Director
Email: royerd@upstate.edu
Phone: 464-4833

Contact: Kathleen Paice Froio, Media Relations Manager
Email: paicek@upstate.edu
Phone: 464-4839

Contact: Susan Cole, Social Media Editor
Email: ColeSu@upstate.edu
Phone: 464-6547

Contact: Gillian Ottman, Assistant Director, Community Campus
Email: Gillian.ottman@cgh.org
Phone: 492-5023

Public and Media Relations is responsible for all contact between Upstate Medical University and the media.

This office:

  • Distributes news releases on topics ranging from groundbreaking medical research to advancements in patient care, institution-sponsored events and employee and student honors
  • Fields inquiries from journalists and arranges interviews with faculty members, physicians and patients
  • Organizes news conferences and event coverage with support from Marketing's Creative Services, maintains the university's news website which provides easy access to all news releases
  • Oversees the reporting of patient conditions to the media facilitates media coverage of hospital visitors and donations
  • Serves as a spokesperson for the university
  • Arranges for media access to all areas of campus
  • Facilitates press coverage in emergency cases
  • Maintains a database of press clippings and electronic placements

You should contact Public and Media Relations if you:

  • Have been contacted by someone from the news media
  • Want to promote an event through the news media
  • Have received a new grant
  • Have preliminary results of a study
  • Have final results of a study
  • Have an upcoming publication
  • Have an interesting patient are using, developing or getting new treatments or procedures

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