Team approach Thorough evaluations Close monitoring
Team approach
Thorough evaluations
Close monitoring

Epilepsy Clinic

Our Level 4 comprehensive Epilepsy program serves patients with seizures, especially when there are difficult diagnostic questions, and/or the seizures are refractory to treatment with medications. Patients may be referred for consultation on diagnosis and management, or directly to the EEG laboratory for ambulatory EEG or video EEG monitoring.

At the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at University Hospital we perform video-EEG monitoring where a patient's behavior and EEG are recorded simultaneously. This is essential for localizing the origin of seizure discharges in the brain in patients being evaluated for neurosurgical removal of epileptic foci. It is also indispensable for evaluating the type of epileptic seizures to ensure proper treatment, and in identifying non epileptic seizures.

The program provides the full range of surgical interventions including localization and removal of the epileptic focus, multiple subpial transection for foci in essential brain areas, as well as vagus nerve stimulation, when resective surgery is not an option. Patients who meet the criteria for surgical therapy, and wish to have it, are evaluated by our program’s adult and pediatric epilepsy neurosurgeons.

Program physicians also participate in experimental trials of new drugs and treatments; such as the gamma knife. Patients are seen at the University Health Care Center, a few blocks from University Hospital.