R-3 (PGY-4)

The PGY-4 (R3) year gives you more experience as a team leader and also emphasizes the intersection of Neurology with other disciplines through the UH Consultation service.

During this year, you will complete the remaining 2 months of the required 3 month experience in pediatric neurology. You will still have ample elective during the final 6 months of the program to fill in gaps in experience and knowledge and to help you prepare for fellowship.

Sample R3 schedule:
Weeks Rotation
4 UH Consult Service
2 Elective
2 NF
2 Vacation
4 Stroke Senior
4 Senior Ambulatory
8 Pediatrics
4 UH Consult Service
4 Elective
2 UH Consult Service
2 Elective
2 Vacation