R-1 (PGY-2)

The R1 year is an immersion experience: immersion in clinical neurology. You will think about neurology when you are awake and likely dream about it during the night. It is a busy and exciting year during which you will gradually become a neurologist.

You will rotate through each of the major clinical services at University Hospital in 2-4 week blocks: Stroke, General and Neuro-ICU. You will have regular rests from inpatient clinical service in the form of assigned rotations in Neuroradiology, Psychiatry, Ambulatory Neurology and EEG.

You will take short call approximately once/week (5 p.m.-9 p.m.) covering patients on the UH and VA ward services, taking direct admissions and assisting the senior residents in the ER. You will have 2-3 separate 2 week rotations on ICU-night float during which you cover all inpatients at UH (ICU and floor).

Toward the end of the year you may have a rotation as General Night Float when you will be in charge of the ED and services overnight. (Your maximum total number of weeks on night float this year is 6.) R1 residents take 24-hour Saturday call approximately 1 in 4-5 weekends and 12-hour Sunday call 1 in 4-5 weekends.

After completing this year you will know how to recognize and manage neurological emergencies and know the basics of stroke, seizure, multiple sclerosis and headache management.

Sample R1 schedule

Weeks Rotation
4 ICU day
4 Psych
4 Stroke
2, 2 NR, ICU-Night float
2, 2 VAC, General Inpatient
2, 2 General Inpatient, AMB
2, 2 ICU-N, AMB
4 Stroke
4 Peds
2, 2 NAR*, EEG
2, 2 ICU-N, VAC
2, 2 Stroke, Elective
4 General Inpatient

*NAR: Neurology Admitting resident. Staffs the University Hospital Emergency Department. R1 always do NAR under the direct supervision of an R2 or R3 Neurology resident.