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About the Upstate Public Health Program

 Five things to know:

  • Low SUNY tuition
  • CEPH accredited Upstate Public Health program located in Syracuse, New York
  • Applied public health opportunities integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Access to expert faculty in biostatistics, epidemiology, quantitative and qualitative analysis, research design, social determinants of health, environmental and global health, and health policy
  • Focus is on public health practice & policy

Upstate Public Health Vision Statement

We prepare public health professionals who are committed to improving health outcomes for communities. 

Upstate Public Health Mission Statement

To create new knowledge about public health through research and to strengthen the workforce by preparing a diverse group of professionals to plan, implement, evaluate and advocate for population-based health policies and programs.

The Upstate Public Health Program will achieve its mission through coordinated efforts directed toward three overarching program goals focusing on:

  1. EDUCATION: To educate a diverse group of professionals with the values, commitment, knowledge, and technical skills necessary to improve population health.
  2. RESEARCH: To advance public health knowledge by developing an active program of population-based health research and program evaluation.
  3. SERVICE AND OUTREACH: To develop active community partnerships and collaborative endeavors that contribute to sound public health policies and practices at the local, state, and global levels.

Upstate Public Health Statement of Values

  • Open Learning Environment:
    The Upstate Public Health program strives to nurture an open learning environment, where a diverse body of students is allowed the academic freedom to pursue new ideas and develop a sense of lifelong learning through the spirit of inquiry, innovation, and creative problem solving.
  • Service:
    The Upstate Public Health faculty, staff, and students will strive to model and embody the spirit of community service, engagement, and collaboration.
  • Advocacy:
    The Upstate Public Health program will seek to improve the health of its community, its region, and the human population as a whole by striving for social justice, advocating for vulnerable populations, and working collaboratively to reduce health disparities.
  • Professionalism:
    The Upstate Public Health faculty and staff will envelop all of these values in an overarching sense of passion, integrity, and ethical practice.

Upstate Public Health Competencies

Upstate Public Health Learning Outcomes