Upstate Medical University MSCHE Self-Study Working Group Charge


The Working Groups are responsible for examining existing data and evaluations, gathering new information, and preparing analytical reports as a part of the Self-Study process in preparation for the site visit by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


  1. Engage in a process of active and open inquiry related to a particular Middle States Standard
  2. Analyze documentation and outcome measures
  3. Review institutional processes and procedures
  4. Identify institutional challenges and strengths related to Upstate’s compliance with the Standard under review
  5. Identify linkages where appropriate to the other standards
  6. Propose recommendations for ongoing improvement
  7. Submit outlines, drafts, and the final of the Working Group report consistent with the timeline provided

Meeting Schedule: Groups will meet approximately once per month.

Committee Co-Chair Co-Chair Admin Support Members
Steering Lynn Cleary Jay Brenner Lisa Phelan Lisa Kelly Working Group Co-Chairs: President Laraque-Arena, Thomas Taylor
Mission / Goals Ramesh Sachdeva Mantosh Dewan Denise Feeley Dave Amberg,Rajesh Dave, Tom Duncan, Eileen Pezzi, Renae Rokicki, Eric Rodriguez, Linda Veit
Ethics and Integrity Mike Jurbala Joan O'Brien Margaret Bourke Leah Caldwell, Eric Frost, Rebecca Garden, Adam Haney, Sharon Huard, Darlene Noyes, Robert Olick, Robert Quinn,  L. Maria Walton, Carrie Edick
Design/Delivery of the Student Learning Experience Katherine Beissner Ann Botash JoAnne Race Wendy Ackerman, Sandy Banas, Jennifer Brennan, Meghan Jacobs, Paul Ko, John Lofrese, Roberta Rolland, Pam Youngs-Maher, Mary Slome
Support of the Student Experience Julie White Margaret Maimone Cheryl Alger Sylvia Cardounell, Bambi Carkey, Maryann Grandinetta, Jennifer Martin Tse, Tom Poole, Krystal Ripa, Laura Schlueter, Simone Seward, Dominick Vilsaint
Educational Effectiveness and Assessment Lauren Germain Sue Graham Colleen Dillenbeck Gary Brooks, Terri Brown, John Folk, Margaret Formica, Karen Klingman, Eric Olson, Susan Wojcik, Krysten O’Hara
Planning, Resources, Institutional Improvement Eric Smith Grace Van Nortwick Lisa Kelly David Anthony, Hans Cassagnol, Rick Gardner, Rohin Mehta, Frank Middleton, Tom Pelis, Joyce Scarpinato, Terry Wagner, Heather Nelson, Adam Alifarag
Governance, Leadership, Administration Mark Schmitt Kerry Greene-Donnelly Cherylene Small Lenore Boris, Carol Braund, Nancy Daoust, I. Ferderico Fernandez Nievas, Rachel Hopkins Melanie Kalman, Joseph Kalet
Communication Team Leah Caldwell Lisa Phelan David VanWie, Weizhen Tu, Renee Rokicki
Federal Compliance Lynn Cleary

Lisa Phelan Lisa Kelly

Jennifer Welch, Jennifer Martin Tse, Pam Youngs-Maher, Lauren Germain, Mike Alsheimer, Julie White