Initial Credentialing and Privileging: What to Expect

Once an application has been submitted, your Credentialing Coordinator is your primary contact with Medical Staff Services. That person will be the one who looks at your file, contacts references, and verifies everything from your Medical Degree to your current practice, including all affiliations and malpractice histories.

Assuming everything goes well, and no issues are raised, your file will be reviewed at the first Credentials Committee meeting (either in person or electronic) following receipt of all of the required documents, references, and verifications. Credentials Committee will make a recommendation to Medical Executive Committee.

Again assuming everything goes well, Medical Executive Committee will review your file and application at the next meeting following the Credentials Committee meeting, and make a recommendation to the Governing Body.

After Medical Executive Committee makes a recommendation, the Governing Body makes a final determination regarding your application for membership on the medical staff and / or privileges.

Once the decision is made, and all of your documentation has been received, a letter will be sent to you from the CEO of Upstate University Hospital regarding the decision.

If there are concerns raised during the process, your Coordinator is having difficulty getting a response from someone, or one of the committees asks for more information, Medical Staff Services will ask you for help. We may ask for:

  • Documents, copies of documents, or other information not included with the application we initially receive.
  • You, the applicant, to contact the reference, or facility, that we are having difficulty getting a response from.
  • Case logs, training records, or a letter of competence from a recent supervisor or program director for certain privileges requiring special credentialing.
  • Better contact information than what was originally provided to us on your application.
  • Signatures on additional documents due to policy changes during the processing of your application.