Interview Day

Our interview season runs from Early November through Mid January. We will make every attempt to work with other Departments this year in an effort to keep Preliminary candidates from having to travel to the area on two different occasions.

Our Interview Day actually starts the night before the Interview as the Chief Resident and some of the current Residents gather to host dinner for the applicants. This is a casual, relaxed atmosphere where applicants can ask questions and get to know the residents in the program.

Our Interview Day Agenda is typically as follows:

Time Agenda
6:45 am Meet Chief Resident in Main Lobby
7:00–7:45 am MORNING REPORT —M, T, F
8:00 – 9:00am Program Director Welcome
Slide Show—Program Details, Q and A
Dr. Stephen J. Knohl
9 am – 12 noon CONCURRENT
  • 1/2 hour Interview with faculty member
  • 10 – 15 minute Interview with Dr. Knohl
  • TOUR of Upstate, Crouse and VA Hospital
  • Q and A session with residents/Program Admin
12:15 – 1 pm LECTURE & LUNCH (103 WSK)
Core Curriculum lecture with House Staff & Students
1:00 – 1:15 pm Chair Welcome (103, WSK)
Dr. Michael Iannuzzi, Chair
1:15 pm Chief Resident will walk back to Main Lobby

Message from
the Program Director

Dr. Knohl
Dr. Stephen J. Knohl,
Program Director

Welcome to SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Internal Medicine Residency Training Program.

By way of introduction,
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