Who's Who in the EPO—Paula Campion

Paula Campion
Paula Campion
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Internal Medicine

Welcome to our Internal Medicine family. My name is Paula and I’m here to assist you with a variety of services including recommendation and verification letters, pager issues, Notary services or just to answer questions or point you in the right direction. I’m also the person responsible for the department’s evaluation program; E-Value, preparation of your monthly electronic attendance records for Payroll and a wide variety of other duties. Recently, I also became responsible for maintaining a new service in E-Value called MyFolio. We’re very excited to offer this new service to our house-staff so I thought I’d give you a short description.

MyFolio is an electronic portfolio that will allow you to keep an electronic record of all your certificates, training data, evaluation summary reports, updated CV, photos, journal reflections and other documentation. One very nice feature is that at the end of your training you can take your portfolio with you on a disk, flash drive or you can even continue to access the data by logging on to your E-Value account from wherever you go.

I look forward to meeting you in June and I wish you all the best during your residency training and beyond. Welcome to Upstate.