Big Brother/Big Sister Program

A few years ago, we developed this program to better assist you in transitioning into your residency program. This program is invaluable. There is no one better to answer your questions, or offer you advice, than someone who has been through the process.

Each of you are assigned to a current resident in our program. They will be responsible for assisting you with questions, advice, providing information, and welcoming you to the program.

We encourage you both to reach out to each other and open the lines of communication. If you do not hear from your assigned person within a week of receiving the list, please feel free to contact them. If you are unable to touch base with them, please fill out the form below, which will go directly to the Chief Resident, who will look into why there is no response (it could be a busy service, or perhaps an incorrect email address, etc). If it is determined that the resident assigned to you is unavailable, the Chief Resident will assign an alternate Big Brother/Big Sister, inform you of the change, and have them follow up with you.

Big Brother/Big Sister Assignment

New InternResident Assigned
Aleksiejuk, Philip   Bansal, Puneet
Antoine, Steve   Whyte, Osei
Arsenault, Andre   White, Benjamin
Baral, Dipti   Neupane, Shristi
Bhatt, Mehul   Harrison, Joshua
Cummings, Michael   Orellana, Cesar
Devkota, Kriti   Joshi, Sumendra
Dhillon, Amrita   Kahlon, Arundeep
Giri, Anshu   Ananthan, Dinesh
Gnanabakthan, Naveen   Shah, Rushikesh
Gupta, Karan   Sivalingam, Deva
Haggerty, Emily   Barta, Valerie
Hemraj, Alisha   Khorasani-zadeh, Arman
John, Liju   Mudda, Bhargav
Kahlon, Arunpreet   Kahlon, Arundeep
Kalakonda, Aditya   Patel, Arpan
Kaur, Gurmeen   Kaul, Viren
Kosters, Michael   Hardin, Colin
Kothari, Shalin   Singh, Vikas
Kromas, Michelle   Arshad, Umbreen
Kumar, Aswini Shrestha, Runa
Lewis, Jeffrey   Miller, Michael
Lowe, Dhruv   Aswath, Ganesh
Panebianco (Mikesell), Lauren   Bradley, Sicily
Mookherjee, Swagatam   Chaudhary, Omair
Ongkeko, Martin   Banas, Emerald
Patel, Jessica   Panuganty, Veera
Petrie, Tristan   Williamson, Zachary
Pitroda, Priyanka   Gill, Sonja
Radhakrishna, Roshni   Varghese, Dona
Rossett, Leah   Appiah, Ruby
Shah, Vishal   Bhardwaj, Amit
Shahnawaz, Zainab   Arif, Osman
Sinha, Shreya   Zaidi, Samana
Syed, Wajhuddin   Makkar, Bentley
Vaidya, Gaurang   Haseer Koya, Hayas
Walia, Simrit   Mehta, Rickey
Wang, Wayne Etienne, Denzil
Wright, Lauren   Kaur, Navneet

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