Viren Kaul
Viren Kaul

Viren Kaul (VK or Sunny)

Hometown/place of birth: Srinagar, J and K, India

Medical school and location: Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences

Special interests and future plans: Emergency / Interventional Cardiology, Immuno-rheumatology. I hope to narrow my interests down during my internship year.

Interests/hobbies outside of medicine: Photography, listening to music, watching movies, playing lawn tennis and badminton, working out at the gym, writing and travelling.

Languages spoken, other than English: Hindi, Kashmiri.

Why you decided to come to our program: I did my rotations at Upstate. The encouraging wholesome environment at the department of Medicine, friendly attendings and residents and the strength of exposure to varied clinical situations impressed me. Dr. Knohl's talk at the interview convinced me that Upstate is the best place for me - academically and personally. The outdoors and the great small city feel that Syracuse has definitely helped!