Medicine Electives

Students in good standing at LCME accredited medical schools, may request permission for an "away" elective. The following courses are available with the permission of the instructor on a "space available" basis. Interested medical students should contact the Registrar's office.

Elective # Elective Name Contact
MSIV electives:
GERI 1801 Geriatric Medicine Anne Bucci/Dr. Sharon Brangman
MDCN 2002 Clinical Nephrology Dr. W. Clay Elliott
MDCN 2003 Medicine Acting Internship Deb Killian/Drs. Stephen Knohl and Vincent Frechette
MDCN 2004 Clinical Pulmonary Disease Emily Dor/Dr. James Sexton
MDCN 2005 Clinical Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Michelle Haight/Dr. Arnold Moses
MDCN 2012 Hematology/Oncology Dr. Bernard Poiesz
MDCN 2014 Clinical Infectious Diseases Dr. Donald Blair
MDCN 2017 Gastroenterology Barbara Krause/Dr. Ronald Szyjkowski
MDCN 2021 Medical Elective-St. Joseph's Barbara Channels-Murphy
MDCN 2040 Hematology/Oncology Kathy Trouesdale/ Dr. Bernard Poiesz
MDCN 2044 Clinical Cardiology Stephanie Harper/Dr. Daniel Villarreal
MDCN 2045 Emergency Room - VAH Dr. Gary Tyndall
MDCN 2058 Critical Care Dr. James Sexton
MDCN 2059 Clinical Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases Dr. Mitchell Brodey
MDCN 2066 Clinical Dermatology Drs. Joyce and Ramsay Farah
MDCN 2067 Clinical Pharmacol & Therapeutics Niki Sullivan/Dr. David Lehmann
MDCN 2075 Clinical Rheumatology Erin Crolick/Dr. Andras Perl
MDCN 2064 Medicine for the Disenfranchised Niki Sullivan/Dr. Peter Cronkright
MDCN 2202 Ambulatory Care for the Indigent Patient Niki Sullivan/Dr. Peter Cronkright
MDCN 2079 Substance Abuse and the Practice of Medicine Dr. Chris Stringer
MS II elective:
MDCN 2055 Clinical Medicine Med Clerkship Office