MAF Endowed Funds


  • Peter J. Adasek, MD '65 Scholarship
  • A. Geno Andreatta Scholarship
  • Benjamin N., Mollie P. and Gerson H. Aronovitz, MD '57 Memorial Scholarship
  • Nathan and Ada August Memorial Scholarship
  • Stanley A. August, MD Memorial Scholarship
  • The Ayanian Family Scholarship
    (endowed by Zaven S. Ayanian, MD '59)
  • Theresa Baltera Memorial Scholarship
  • N. Barry Berg Scholarship for Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • The Martin Black Family Scholarship Fund
    (endowed by Drs. Martin, Gerald, Michael and Robert Black)
  • George J. Buchholtz, MD '52 Scholarship
  • Bernard J. Burke, MD '43 Scholarship
  • Leonard D. Carpenter, MD '33 and Ruth E. Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
  • Class of 1966 Scholarship
  • Carol Kavanagh and Class of 1973 Scholarship
  • Douglas E. Cox, MD '63 Scholarship
  • Edwin T. Dailey, MD '68 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Dracker Family Scholarship
  • Robert Eitches MD '78 Scholarship in honor of Shirley and Irving Eitches
  • Alfred F. and Shirley D. Enwright Endowed Scholarship
    (endowed by Michael O'Leary, MD '78 and Colleen Enwright O'Leary, MD '78)
  • Joseph C. Fischer, MD '79 Memorial Scholarship
  • Sarah Loguen Fraser, MD, Class of 1876 Scholarship
  • Joseph J. Gadbaw, MD, 12/'43 and Ann Gadbaw Scholarship
  • Max Gara and Robert H. Gara, MD '56 Scholarship
  • The Garakani Family Scholarship
  • Suzan and Philip M. Gaynes, MD '63 Scholarship
  • Samuel Gersten, MD '39 and Martha Gersten Endowed Scholarships
  • Jerome C. Goldstein, MD '63 and Rochelle Goldstein Scholarship
  • Frances A. Harmatuk, MD '41 Scholarship
  • Edward F. Higgins, MD '78 Scholarship
  • Grant Hobika, MD '52 Scholarship
  • Robert V. P. Hutter, MD '54 and Ruth L. Hutter Scholarship
  • Kasten Aker Family Scholarship
  • E. Gregory Keating, PhD Memorial Scholarship
  • Martha S. Kincaid, MD Scholarship
  • Sonya A. LaBella Memorial Scholarship
  • Stanley D. Leslie, MD '51 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Lynch Family Scholarship
  • Alphonse A. Maffeo, MD '72 Scholarship
  • B. Dale Magee, MD '75 Scholarship
  • Patrick T. Mathews, MD '03 Memorial Scholarship
  • James L. McGraw, MD '41 Scholarship
  • Medical Alumni Foundation Founders Scholarship
  • Medical Alumni Foundation Student Fund
  • Gustave P. Milkey, MD '43 and Janet B. Milkey Merit Scholarship
  • Peggy and Adolph Morlang, MD '66 Scholarship
  • Rudolph J. Napodano, MD '59 Scholarship
  • Sam and Carol Nappi Endowed Scholarship
  • Onondaga County Medical Society Medical Student Scholarship
  • Betty Reiss, MD '68 and Jacob Reiss, MD '68 Family Scholarship
  • Esther and Monroe Richman, MD '55 Scholarship
  • Samuel Rosenthal, MD '64 Scholarship
  • Sanders/Kilkelly Scholarship
    (endowed by Patricia & Mark H. Sanders, MD '74)
  • The Schein Family Scholarship
  • Jack J. Schneider, MD '66 Scholarship
  • Julius Schwartz, MD '33 Scholarship
  • John B. and Henrietta E. Simeone Scholarship in Memory of Fiorindo A. Simeone, MD
  • Frederick W. Sloan, MD '74 Scholarship
  • Susan B. Stearns, PhD Scholarship for Community Engagement
  • Susan B. Stearns, PhD Scholarship for International Travel
  • Stevens Madison Oneida Counties Scholarship
  • Subik Family Scholarship
  • Dr. Oscar and Mrs. Luba Trief Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara and Harold H. Wanamaker, MD '56 Scholarship
  • Andrew D. Weinberg, MD '78 Memorial Geriatric Scholarship
  • Susan & Jack Yoffa, MD '69 in Memory of Elaine Yoffa Hornung Scholarship
  • Leanne and Frank E. Young, MD '56 Scholarship


  • Alfred W. Doust, MD, Endowed Program in Otolaryngology
  • Medical Alumni Recruitment Awards
  • Student Citizen Awards
  • The Swift Family Legacy Grants
  • Herbert M. Weinman, MD 65 and Suzy Weinman Scholarship Award


  • Ellen Cook Jacobsen MD '50 Fellowship in Psychiatry


  • The Lawrence Pickett, MD, Endowed Lectureship in Pediatric Surgery
  • The Donald and Mary Elizabeth King Endowed Lectureship


  • Stanley A. August, MD Endowed Professorship in Pediatrics
  • Medical Alumni Endowed Professorship in Bioethics
  • Patricia J. Numann MD '65 Endowed Professorship
  • Lloyd S. Rogers Endowed Professorship in Surgery
  • Leanne and Frank E. Young, MD '56, PhD Endowed Chair in Biomedical Science