Giving to the Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation

Philanthropy and Tradition

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The Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation is an independent, separately governed, 501 (c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to support the goals of Upstate Medical University College of Medicine, to enhance excellence of the educational environment and to promote collegiality among alumni. This mission includes a tradition of philanthropy that has been continuous for over the last fifty years.

Your Gift Truly Makes a Difference

Financial support through the Medical Alumni Foundation makes educational opportunities for our students possible. Gifts of all sizes truly matter and are deeply appreciated. With your gift each year, you are helping more than 600 students receive an outstanding education which prepares them for a career of service, inquiry, and caring. Striving for academic excellence has always been a priority for the College of Medicine. We expect high achievement from all of our students and they cannot do it without your support.

Your Support Is Needed

Whether your passion is scholarships, programs to support our students, books and supplies, or enhancing a classroom, your gift to the Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation is essential in order to offer outstanding educational opportunities for our students. Your contribution to the Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation is a meaningful investment that will truly make a difference.

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