Maxwell M. Mozell, PhD

Maxwell M. Mozell, PhDMaxwell M. Mozell, PhD, has forged a 44-year career at Upstate reflecting the academic ideal of research, teaching, and administration. As a faculty member in the College of Medicine, he designed the neuroscience course, one of Upstate's first interdepartmentally taught courses, and coordinated it from 1969 until 1990. He served as associate dean for academic program development from 1971 to 1976, and for the last 13 years, has been dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

As dean, Dr. Mozell led the design of a new interdisciplinary core curriculum as well as the creation of a unified interdepartmental admissions committee.

As an investigator, Mozell has made significant contributions to the growth and development of chemosensory research. He spearheaded establishment of a Clinical Olfactory Research Center at Upstate, one of only five at the time funded by the National Institutes of Health, and developed the larynx bypass device, which enables laryngectomized patients to experience odor again through their noses. He is founder and was the first executive chairperson for the Association of Chemoreception Science.

As an educator, Mozell provided a foundation for innumerable medical students and scientists through the neuroscience course and others.

Maxwell M. Mozell, PhD"Thirty-four years ago, Dr. Mozell conducted a trial to see if scientifically well-educated high school students could handle medical school material without college-
level sciences," recalls Mark Erlebacher, MD '79. "I was one of 11 high school students who took renal physiology in 1971 with the medical school class taking the same course. The trial was a success—at least it was for me as I returned a few years later to repeat the course as a real medical student."

Through the years, he has been instrumental in directing and training graduate students at the forefront of chemosensory research. He's recently begun teaching a course in grant writing to graduate students. Last fall, he was named a SUNY Distinguished Service Professor.

"He has a zeal for science. You can always 'talk shop' with him because he loves it," say Jake Dubroff, an MD-PhD student. "And if a student has a problem he always helps you figure out a creative solution."

Says Mozell, "I learn just as much from students as they learn from me."