Indoor Displays

A series of panels that decorate the dean's hallway and celebrate the diversity of our students.
Marketing creates the displays for Upstate's booth at the NY State Fair, which attracts 10s of thousands of people from our hospital service region.
Marketing creates tabletop displays for conferences and events.
A campaign to recognize star hospital employees resulted in a rotating series of posters at the community and downtown campuses.
Marketing creates the lighted posters that appear on the bridge between the garage and the hospital, downtown.
This  simple, effective table top graphic can be easily carried to events.
Marketing creates specialty artwork such as this lobby display at our downtown residence hall.
Recognition displays, such as this, are often the work of Marketing.
Portable roll-up displays, created by Marketing, are useful when on the road promoting Upstate.
This history timeline was created to show the shared history of our two hospital campuses.