Print and electronic advertising is created by Marketing, in collaboration with administration, to promote hospital services and academic programs, and to raise awareness of our tri-fold mission of patient care, education and biomedical research

The uniform color palette and design of these ads make it clear that, while they promote two distinct locations, both offer Upstate’s pediatric services.The color palette and overall design give this advertising package an easily recognizable, uniform look that supports the Upstate brand.Design continuity ties together this series of advertisements for Upstate’s healthcare services for seniors.This ad runs weekly to promote the Upstate's radio show which airs on WRVO. A variety of messages on Upstate’s prostate cancer services share a uniform look, thanks to branding.A billboard, electronic ad and magazine ad share a uniform look, thanks to branding.A uniform design, with distinctive colors, keep various services within the Upstate brand.Green, the color of life, was chosen to distinguish the Women’s Health Network  as it represents security and balance. In fewer than 75 words, this ad describes the strength and mission of Upstate.