Student Response System (aka "Clickers")


What are Clickers?

Clickers allow you to poll your audience during a powerpoint presentation and receive instant feedback. The software works with PC and Mac versions of Powerpoint. By inserting special slides into your presentation, you can guage comprehension, engage the audience in the material, and quiz to determine retention.

What You'll Need

Check out the Quick Start Guide PDF document from Turning Technologies.

If you are using Windows, download and run TurningpointInstall-5.3.1.exe. Restricted Access
Note: Requires Office for Windows verions 2003 or higher.

If you are using a Mac, download and run Turningpoint-5.3.1.dmg. Restricted Access
Note: Requires Office for Mac version 2011 or higher and OS 10.6.8 or higher.

There is now a version of Turning Point for PC that you may run from a USB thumbdrive. This allows you to keep the software with your presentations and any data collected from student responses in one place. Run this file and unzip to your thumbdrive TurningPoint-PC-noinstall-5.3.1.exe. Restricted Access

Sets of Clickers are available from the Educational Communications office, and can be reserved by calling 4-4860. Sets will soon be placed in the College of Health Professions and College of Nursing for easy access by those faculty.

Official Guides

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