Antivirus Information for Clark Tower Residents

Official Upstate Medical University policy requires antivirus software for all computers connecting to the Upstate network. All Clark Tower residents must install and run Antivirus software on their personal computers in order to connect to the Upstate Network.

Academic Computing recommends and supports McAfee virus protection for the PC. This application is provided free of charge to Upstate students. McAfee provides automatic updating to the most current virus definitions. This feature will continue to work from home when a student leaves Upstate.

Students are permitted to use other antivirus software, so long as the virus signatures are kept current and up-to-date.

Students may use the links below to install the appropriate Antivirus software before accessing any other Internet resources using the Upstate Network. All students must then fill out the form acknowledging that the software has been installed. If it is discovered that student has not installed antivirus software, their ResNet connection will be terminated.

Academic Computing is also providing McAfee's Anti Spyware software to help students combat spyware that is running on their computer. This will be installed automatically when the McAfee antivirus program is installed.