Plug-ins, Viewers, Downloads

Plug-ins and viewers are used to view content that utilize proprietary software. The following are commonly used plug-ins and viewers. If you want to suggest that a plugin link be added to this page, please send an e-mail to Upstate's Blackboard support team via the support page on this site.

To check what version (if any) of the plugins that are commonly used by Blackboard, click here.

To download a plug-in or viewer, click on the name of the item you wish to download.

Acrobat Reader Adobe Reader
View and print millions of documents on the Web with the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

VCL media playerVCL media player
VLC is an excellent media player that works for both PCs and Macs.

Real Networks - Real Player Enterprise Version Real Player
Play online audio and video content.

Quick Time Quicktime Download
The free QuickTime Player is an application for playing, interacting with, or viewing any video, audio, VR, or graphics file that is compatible with QuickTime. This includes MPEG-4.

Macromedia - Flash, Shockwave, & Authorware Macromedia Shockwave, Flash and Authorware Player
Macromedia's Shockwave, Flash and Authorware Player plug-ins let you experience automation and entertainment in your Web browser. The new Shockwave 7 provides auto-updating of the player.

Microsoft Media Player Get Windows Media Player 10
Windows Media Player supports Windows Media (WMA,ASF), MP3, WAV, MIDI, AVI, and other formats.

Word Viewer Word viewer Download
This viewer also allows users to view and print documents created in the Word native file format, even if they do not have Word. Users are allowed to zoom, outline, or view page layout, headers/footers, footnotes, and annotations.

Excel Viewer: Spreadsheet Files Excel Viewer Download
The Microsoft Excel Viewer allows users to view and print Excel spreadsheet files, in addition to other Excel for Windows® and Excel for the Macintosh®.

PowerPoint Viewer Powerpoint viewer
The PowerPoint Viewer allows people who use PowerPoint to share their presentations with people who do not have PowerPoint installed on their computers.

Office Document Open Confirmation Tool
Microsoft has released a tool that, once run, will require confirmation before opening any Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access) launched from within Internet Explorer. By default, Internet Explorer issues a security warning before launching unknown applications and files, allowing users to choose not to open them. This tool gives users the option to treat Office documents in the same way, preventing them from automatically opening when a user clicks on a link to an Office document, or browses to a Web page that hosts an Office document.

WinZip Download Page Winzip Download page
File Compression/Archive Utility

Stuffit Expander Stuffit Expander
File Compression/Archive Utility