Online Learning

Contact: Pamela Youngs-Maher
Location: Weiskotten Hall, Room 224B
Phone: 464-8561
Fax: 464-7905


Online Learning staff consult with faculty about various aspects of curriculum development and instructional project management. The Online Learning staff have expertise and experience in learning theory, instructional design and technology, faculty development, and specialized student support. Their capabilities include:

  • Consultation for the design and evaluation of instructional materials using various media
  • Selection and implementation of classroom teaching methods and strategies
  • Research related to instructional resources and decision-making
  • Faculty training for the use of various instructional technologies
  • Curriculum and instructional design assistance for the creation of new academic courses and programs or the enhancement of existing ones
  • Design of instructional materials using computers, animation, video and other media
  • Application of technology to enhance and improve instruction
  • Assistance with selection and implementation of classroom teaching methods and strategies
  • Research to identify existing instructional materials in various media
  • If you have a course that needs technology support, please complete this form (use this form for a course that needs lectures recorded, distance learning) Restricted Access .