Medical Record FAQs for Patients

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How can I obtain a copy of my medical record?

By Mail: Download the Authorization form PDF document and the Instructions PDF document.
Complete the form and mail it to:

Medical Records - Release of Information Services
1211 University Hospital
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

In Person: Go to Room 1115, on the 1st floor of University Hospital.

How long does it take to receive copies of my medical records?

Usually one to three weeks.

When did the records go out and how were they sent?

Release of Information Services (315 464-7832) can let you know the date the records were sent. If you did not receive your records in a timely manner, please call 315-464-7832 for assistance.

There is wrong information in my personal medical record. How can I correct this?

Write a letter to the Upstate Privacy Office specifying what information you feel is incorrect. The physician will then be contacted and if he/she feels it should be changed, an addendum will be completed.

Upstate Privacy Office
Suite 130A,
5793 Widewaters Parkway
Syracuse, NY 13214

As a patient, how can I ensure medical records from my previous care provider get to my new physician?

Ask your new physician to contact University Hospital in care of the clinic you were treated at to receive a copy of your medical records.

Where may I call to check on the status of a medical records request?

Please call 315 464-7832.

I am from a nursing unit and I need a copy of a patient's health care proxy or the patient wants a copy of his/her Health Care Proxy. Where should I call?

Call the File Room at 464-5150 and they will fax the HCP to the unit or send a copy to the patient.