Mandatory Training

It is mandatory for all personnel (including Principal Investigators) to have participated in a training session covering laws and regulations pertaining to animal care and use and to complete species-specific educational training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), hosted by the University of Miami.

In addition, SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Research Integrity Office requires research ethics education for all basic science & clinical investigators (including faculty, postdoctoral fellows/associates, clinical residents/fellows, students, lab staff, research nurses, clinical research associates and individuals from affiliated Universities participating in SUNY Upstate research projects).

Actions Required by Personnel on an IACUC protocol

  1. Complete all CITI online training and watch the Aseptic Rodent Surgery Video (if applicable).  CLICK HERE PDF Icon for instructions.
  2. Read the IACUC policy:  Occupational Health Policy for Individuals with Animal Contact PDF Icon which provides species-specific zoonotic information.
  3. File your Occupational Health Assessment form Word Icon with the Employee Health office, as noted on form.   DUE to HIPPA regulations, do not submit this form to the IACUC office.
  4. Email your completed Training Summary Form Word Icon to the IACUC Office.  This form must be filed BEFORE you begin to train or work with animals.

Adding New Personnel to an Approved IACUC protocol

All new employees with anticipated animal contact must be listed on the protocol. Instructions for adding individuals to your protocol can be found HERE.

Questions?  Contact the IACUC office at 315-464-4292 or via email.