IACUC Policies and Guidelines


Item 1 Ether anesthesia PDF Icon
Item 2 Use of Hypothermia to Anesthetize Neonates PDF Icon
Item 3 Use of Tribromoethanol (TBE, formerly Avertin® PDF Icon)
Item 4 Use of Paralytic Agents During Anesthesia PDF Icon PDF Icon

Antibody Production

Item 1 Production of Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies in Rodents and Rabbits PDF Icon
Item 2 Guidelines for the Production of Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibodies in Rodents and Rabbits PDF Icon

Item 3

Guidelines for the Utilization of Animals in Experimental Neoplasia and Ascites PDF Icon


Item 1 Euthanasia as an Alternative to Death as an Endpoint PDF Icon
Item 2 Euthanasia of Neonatal Rodents PDF Icon
Item 3 Euthanasia Methods for Amphibians, Birds and Rodents PDF Icon
Item 4

Policy on Euthanasia for Humane Purposes PDF Icon


Item 1 Reporting Unusual or Unexpected Animal Deaths PDF Icon
Item 2 Use of Expired Medical Materials PDF Icon
Item 3 Tail Biopsy of Rodents PDF Icon
Item 4 Use of Embryonated Eggs PDF Icon
Item 5 Housing Density of Breeding Mice PDF Icon
Item 6 Exception to Guide: Housing Diuretic Rodents in Wire-Bottom Caging PDF Icon
Item 7 Transportation of Animals PDF Icon
Item 8 Use of Non-pharmaceutical Grade Compounds PDF Icon


Item 1 Training Requirements PDF Icon
Item 2 Occupational Health/Zoonoses PDF Icon
Item 3 Training Requirements for Participants in Protocols Involving Instructional Programs PDF Icon

Protocol Review & Facility Assessment

Item 1 Protocol Review flowchart PDF Icon
Item 2 Expedited Protocol Approval PDF Icon
Item 3 Submission of Revised Protocol after Initial Review PDF Icon
Item 4 Protocol Amendment (Addendum) PDF Icon
Item 5 Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC) PDF Icon
Item 6 Annual Protocol Review PDF Icon
Item 7 Triennial Protocol Renewal PDF Icon
Item 8 Studies Performed at Another Facility (Collaborations) PDF Icon
Item 9 Semiannual IACUC Program Review & Facilities Inspection PDF Icon
Item 10 Inspection of Individual Laboratories PDF Icon
Item 11 Use of Animal Tissues/Products PDF Icon

Restraint and Restriction

Item 1 Routine & Non-Routine Restraint PDF Icon
Item 2 Water or Food Restriction PDF Icon


Item 1 Multiple Major Survival Surgical Procedures PDF Icon
Item 2 Oocyte Removal (Multiple Surgery) from Frogs PDF Icon
Item 3 Guidelines for Survival Surgery on Rodents PDF Icon
Item 4 Documentation of Post-Surgical Recovery PDF Icon
Item 5

Guidelines for Anesthesia, Surgery and Analgesia in Amphibians PDF Icon

Regulations, Policies and Guidelines Governing the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals