Process for Adding Personnel to an IACUC Protocol

Individuals (faculty, staff, students, volunteers) with anticipated animal contact must be listed on your IACUC protocol.

The checklist below outlines the actions required by new personnel AND by the principal investigator in the order in which they should be completed.  

Important:  Personnel will not be added to a protocol and will not be cleared to train or work with animals until ALL required actions are complete.

Actions Required by New Personnel

  1. Complete all CITI online training and watch the Aseptic Rodent Surgery Video PDF Icon (if applicable).
  2. Read the IACUC policy:  Occupational Health Policy for Individuals with Animal Contact PDF Icon which provides species-specific zoonotic information.
  3. File your Occupational Health Assessment form Word Icon with the Employee Health office, as noted on form.   DUE to HIPPA regulations, do not submit this form to the IACUC office.
  4. Email your completed Training Summary Form Word Icon to the IACUC Office.  This form must be filed BEFORE you begin to train or work with animals.

Action Required by Principal Investigator

  1. Email a completed Addition of Personnel Form Word Icon to the IACUC Office.

IACUC Office Review and Clearance

  1. The IACUC office will review submitted paperwork. 
  2. When all actions have been completed and the requested documentation is on file,
    the IACUC office will clear the individual for participation in your animal research project.


Email the IACUC office or call 315-464-4292.