Ergonomic Services

Ergonomic Services are offered to Upstate employees.

Worksite Evaluation

To find the solution best suited for you, please start with Step 1:

Step 1:Ergonomic Workstation Self AssessmentPDF IconIntranet Icon

If you are still experiencing pain or discomfort after completing the self assessment, please move on to Step 2:

Please note: UUP and M/C non-classified employees should first contact Melissa Slate, Absence Management Specialist, Human Resources, at 464-4922 or for worksite evaluation.

Step 2: The Ergonomics Medical Referral FormPDF IconIntranet Icon should be completed by your provider and submitted along with the Ergonomic Evaluation Request FormPDF IconIntranet Icon

Additional Services

Training and Education

Educational sessions can be arranged for departments or for individuals about the following: Office Ergonomics, Manual Materials Handling and Patient Care Ergonomics.

Consultation for Layout, Workstation Design and Equipment Purchase for Future or Re-Designed Areas

The Ergonomics Program can assist with planning for departmental moves or re-designs, including evaluating and choosing new products, furniture and equipment. Visit the Recommended Products page for product, furniture and equipment ideas and information.