What is the Goal of Ergonomics?

The goal of ergonomics is to reduce work-related discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders, and increase productivity and job satisfaction by adapting the job to fit the employee, versus adapting the employee to fit the work.

Please refer to this site for more information on ergonomics, the type of ergonomics services provided.

Upstate Ergonomics Program

The Upstate Ergonomics Program was established in 2004 with an Ergonomics Specialist and Ergonomics Steering Committee as a special program within the Human Resources Office. The program identifies and assesses ergonomic hazards in the workplace and recommends ways of minimizing or controlling these hazards through engineering and/or administrative controls so that all Upstate employees are kept productive and free of discomfort in their work environment.

What is an Ergonomics Specialist?

An Ergonomics Specialist is an expert in an area of engineering focusing on human movement, musculoskeletal function, and how humans interact with their environment. An Ergonomics Specialist applies this knowledge to evaluate the workplace and help make peoples' jobs easier, safer and more efficient.

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