Non-Employee Orientation

Upstate University Hospital (Both Campuses)

Related Policy: E-06 Non-Employee/Contract Staff Orientation and Annual TrainingPDF IconIntranet Icon

Non-Employee Required Orientation:

  1. Review the Non-Employee Orientation GuidePDF Icon and complete the CertificatePDF Icon
  2. Review the HIPAA Privacy Rule EducationPDF Icon and complete the CertificatePDF Icon
  3. Non-Employees will also complete a Confidentiality Agreement at Payroll when their ID badge is activated, which will be recorded by Payroll in the non-employee's Sefl Serve Tracker record


  • Certificates above should be returned to the department initiating the non-employee request within Self Serve
    • The initiating department is responsible for entering certificates into Self Serve Tracker
      • If the department is not able to enter into Self Serve Tracker, a COPY of the completed forms should be sent to OTD for Self Serve Tracker entry (JH Rm 417; fax 4-4400; email

Non-Employees Remaining at Upstate for Longer Than Four (4) Months:

  • It is the responsibilityof the host department and/or supervisor to have the non-employee complete all required mandatory education via Blackboard (, including:
    • Safety at Work - Tracker Code: SAW (Blackboard course UH110: Safety-at-Work (SAW))
    • Right to Know - Tracker Code: RTK (Blackboard course RTK: Right To Know (RTK))
    • Institutional Compliance - Tracker Code: COMPLIANCE (Blackboard course UH6218: Compliance, Institutional (Annual))
  • The host manager and/or supervisor should also review policy M-04 Mandatory and Staff EducationExternal Icon for additional education requirements.

Non-Employees Without a Blackboard Account Should Complete the Required Education Via the Links Below:

  1. Safety at Work (SAW):
  2. Right to Know Education:
  3. Compliance Education: