Exceptions to New Employee Orientation

In the circumstance when it is impossible to schedule the employee’s first day of employment to coincide with a New Employee Orientation scheduled date, the hiring manager should submit an Exception to New Employee Orientation (NEO) Form to Hiring and Recruitment.

All new employees not physically attending New Employee Orientation must review and complete all requirements as indicated below.

Upstate Computer Access

Web-based New Employee Orientation (Web-NEO)

Safety at Work (SAW) Education

Population Specific Education

  • Required for employees providing regular care to patients (i.e. nursing, NP, PA, therapists, etc.) AND employees who regularly work in areas that directly impact patients, including social workers (i.e. dietary, environmental services in patient areas, etc.)
  • Population Specific must be completed within ten (10) business days of the new employee's hire date
  • Population Specific Course Search & Enroll Instructions
  • Login to Blackboard

Clinical Orientation

  • If Clinical Staff Orientation is required, the hiring manager must register the new employee to attend the first available classes following the new employee's hire date

Mandatory and Staff Education

  • The hiring manager should review the policy M-04 Mandatory and Staff Education
  • The new employee must complete any additional mandatory education within the time frames indicated in the policy

Parking Information