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March 2009

Linda Gruninger, Upstate Faces

Linda Gruninger began her career at SUNY Upstate approximately 23 years ago when she joined ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Services. After 16 years with ENT Services, she transitioned to Pediatrics where she worked for five years. In her current role as Team Leader in Patient Support Services for Ambulatory Medicine, Linda oversees and supports the 27 members comprising Patient Support Services for Firms A, B, and C. Her staff schedules appointments for over a hundred providers and receive an average of nine thousand calls a month! Linda makes it a priority to furnish her staff with the support and tools necessary to provide high quality customer service and to identify opportunities for process improvement. When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Linda responded, “I take pride in my work and my staff. I love my job and find Upstate to be a great place to work. I enjoy helping our patients, along with my staff. I am part of a great team where there is good camaraderie.”

Outside of work, Linda enjoys spending time with friends and her parents, Marie & Ron, her boyfriend Jimmy, daughter Amy, and four-month old granddaughter, Ava. Linda also enjoys traveling, especially to Key West, Florida, every November to enjoy boating and watch off-shore speedboat competitions. She is also in the process of remodeling her home and enjoys doing a lot of the work herself, especially gardening and taking care of her lawn. When asked what Linda wants people to know about her, she replied, “I’m a very caring, honest, fair and optimistic person. I believe in creating a more positive and productive environment where people can grow and do better.”

Linda, we thank you and your team for your commitment to our patients and SUNY Upstate Medical University. In addition, your positive and customer friendly attitude are greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!