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June 2009

Donna Joyner

For over 11 years, Donna Joyner has been part of the IMT-Educational Communications Department at SUNY Upstate Medical University. As Producer/Director of Video and Multimedia, Donna is responsible for producing all the videos for Upstate, including our colleges and University Hospital. Donna's past projects include patient education videos for Gamma Knife and Pediatric Surgery, and recording numerous classes, lectures and surgery/laboratory procedures. She is also involved in the production of media related to recruiting for Upstate staff, our residency program, and individual colleges.

When asked what she enjoys most about her profession, Donna replied, “I love working with the clinicians. They are really nice and enjoy sharing their knowledge and information related to medicine. With every new product, I learn more about illnesses and medicine.” Donna also enjoys the creative freedom that her position brings. She not only produces and directs videos, but also has the opportunity to write, edit and animate graphics. She very much appreciates the variety of her role within Upstate. 

Outside of work, Donna enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her husband and 11 year-old daughter. She is an avid golfer and has fun participating in a golf league. Donna also enjoys watching football and baseball, as well as gardening and is the main coordinator for the Weiskotten Garden Society. When asked what she wants people to know about her, Donna expressed that her background is in Fine Arts, but she is currently working towards her Masters in Instructional Design & Media.

Donna, thank you for your 11 years of service to SUNY Upstate Medical University and your dedication and commitment to providing the best possible media services to our Upstate community.