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February 2009

 Father Innocent is this month's Upstate Face

Father Innocent Onyenagubo has been a staff member for the Center for Spiritual Care at University Hospital since 2006. A native Ibo from Nigeria, Father Innocent is an ordained Roman Catholic priest who provides spiritual care and support to our patients, families and staff. Along with other members of Spiritual Care, Father Innocent assists patients, families and staff with finding meaning, hope and healing in the midst of life’s challenges and crises. As described by Father Innocent, he helps “bring peace of mind to those in difficult times."

When asked what he enjoys most about his involvement at University Hospital, Father Innocent expressed, “my greatest joy is doing work as a chaplain in the hospital and touching the lives of the sick." He believes there is a great understanding between members of the medical staff and the Spiritual Care Department. They work together as a team, as well as help support each other during challenging times.

When Father Innocent is not busy providing spiritual care at University Hospital, Hutchings and Crouse, he loves getting back to parish to celebrate mass. He also enjoys exercising and traveling throughout the nation to attend conferences, as well visiting his family back in Nigeria. In addition, Father Innocent is involved in a non-profit organization called Obinwanne Farmers (, which has been created to help the poor farmers of Ahiazu Mbaise Nigeria acquire the knowledge, means and technology to improve their quality of life.

Father Innocent, we thank you and the Department of Spiritual Care for your commitment and support to our patients, their families and staff at University Hospital.