Need Financial Assistance or Help Paying
Your Healthcare Bills?

Contact: Financial Resource Center
Phone: 315 464-5026

We can help you identify the resources that are offered by University Hospital for which you may qualify.  Our Financial Resource Center staff can help you apply for Medicaid or any one of the Medicaid Managed Care programs administered by Excellus, Fidelis, Total Care and AmeriChoice by United Healthcare.  We can also provide information on other community resources such as Child Health Plus A and B, Family Health Plus, and Healthy New York.

Contact us for further information or to make an appointment to meet with a counselor.

Questions about Financial Assistance

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Should I delay medical care until financial arrangements can be made?

No. You should never delay seeking medical care in an emergent situation. For non-emergency or elective services, you should make payment arrangements in advance of scheduling your care.

What if I don't have any insurance coverage?

You may be eligible for coverage with Medicaid, a Medicaid HMO, Family Health Plus, or Child Health Plus, or Healthy New York. A counselor at the Financial Resource Center can assist you in determining eligibility for one of these options. If you do not qualify for one of these community programs you may be responsible for the cost of your care.

What if I don't qualify for Medicaid or a community-sponsored program and I cannot afford the bill?

If you do not qualify for Medicaid or one of the available community programs, the hospital has a Financial Assistance Program for which you may qualify for a reduction on the amount due for your care. We also offer payment plans to help you spread out your financial liability over a period of time.

Are there any services that are not covered by financial assistance at University Hospital?

Yes. Services that are not medically necessary such as cosmetic surgery are not covered by the financial assistance programs or Medicaid, Medicaid HMO or other community sponsored programs.

Are my physician bills covered by the hospital's Financial Assistance Program?

You will receive a separate bill for the hospital services and any physician services you receive. The Financial Assistance Program only covers the services provided by Upstate University Hospital. You will need to contact every physician from whom you receive services to discuss any reduction in the amount you owe for their services rendered.

Frequently used phone numbers:

Office Number
Emergency Medicine Physicians Billing 315 464-2254
Pathology/Lab Physicians Billing 315 464-6860
Radiology Physicians Billing 315 464-5660
Medicine Physicians Billing 315 464-3222