What to Bring to the Hospital

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. Here are some recommendations on what to bring and leave home. We will provide personal toiletries (includes tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, and mouthwash). You will also be provided a hospital gown.

  • Patient History form (if you received one in the mail). If you have difficulty answering any of the questions, a health care provider will help you complete the form when you come to the hospital.
  • For a child, a favorite toy.
  • For an adult, a magazine or book to read.
  • No more than one suitcase with personal belongings.
  • Loose-fitting comfortable clothing, including footwear.
  • Your insurance cards, photo identification and or Social Security card.
  • A copy of any Advance Directives you have previously completed. These will become a permanent part of your medical record. If you do not have an Advance Directive, you may obtain a health care proxy form at the hospital or from the NY State Department of Health: www.health.state.ny.us/nysdoh/hospital/healthcareproxy/intro.htm.

If you have questions about Advance Directives, please call Upstate Connect at 800 464-8668.

What to Leave at Home

  • All electrical equipment.
  • Large sums of money and credit cards. You will need money only for such things as insurance co-pays, newspapers or any items purchased from the hospital gift shop.
  • Jewelry and other valuables.
  • If you do have valuables, you may store them in the hospital's safe. Remember to collect any valuables upon discharge.
  • Please do not bring or send latex balloons. Many people are allergic to the latex. Mylar balloons are a safe alternative.