Non-Provider Training Available

For non-providers – including billers, coders and administrative staffers – who might deal with ICD-10 codes, Upstate requires a brief, one-time online lesson to be completed by Sept. 30, 2015.

The course is on Blackboard, and only accessible through your Upstate Blackboard username/password.

After logging into Blackboard, search for the word ICD10 in the "courses" tab.
Click on the down arrows next to "UH32468" and select ENROLL

The course takes about a half-hour or less. Coders have already received extensive additional training, and other non-providers should receive an email about the Blackboard lesson directly.

The course is on Blackboard, which requires access to Upstate's intranet. Persons who are not part of Upstate will not be able to view this lesson.

Upstate staff who have questions about ICD-10 non-provider training or the Blackboard course should contact their managers or Barbara Riggall, director of Organizational Training and Development (464-4964)