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Health and Wellness Center

Upstate is poised to dramatically transform how healthcare is delivered in CNY. The Upstate Health and Wellness Center will meet the needs of the community by providing timely access to coordinated health care and social supports. Evidenced based care will be provided in an integrated and comprehensive fashion, ensuring the right care at the right time.

Services will attend to the whole person, recognizing individual behaviors and social determinants of health are the main influences on the health and well-being of the community.

Upstate University Hospital (Upstate) will transform the delivery of care in alignment with Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program goals to:

  • shift from emergency and inpatient care to ambulatory care;
  • improve access to quality care across the continuum;
  • provide more cost efficient care with improved outcomes; and
  • move towards payment reform. 

Dr. McCabe discusses the Ambulatory Care Pavillion in weekly video blog

Dr. McCabeToday I want to talk about a very exciting project that will be starting soon at University Hospital, and that is the building of our Ambulatory Care Pavilion. This is a new building that will be eight stories tall, 375,000 square feet, and sit on the parking lot across the street from the Cancer Center. The building has come to us through both a grant in the DSRIP Program, and through some bonded money that we will borrow. The total building will cost us about $150M or so. There are some basic principles that we are striving for in the building. One, is to improve access to care, to be more efficient, to allow more timely and appropriate access for patients in the community. Second, is to integrate care and to address patient needs seamlessly so that we provide a comprehensive continuum of integrated medical and social services in the building. Third, is to provide coordinated care. It is an exciting project! The building won’t be up for probably 4-5 years, but the planning is well underway now.

Watch Dr. McCabe's video blog entry: "Ambulatory Care Pavillion"