Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Upstate creating the Health and Wellness Center?

There are four main reasons why Upstate has taken on this project.

  1. Improve Access to Care
    • Improve capacity, efficiencies, and access to ensure timely and appropriate care
  2. Integrate Care to Address Patient Needs Seamlessly
    • Provide a robust and comprehensive continuum of integrated supports and services
  3. Provide Coordinated Care
    • Provide advanced models of care coordination
    • Address chronic disease and mental health care seamlessly across settings
  4. Promote Healthy Communities and Families
    • Attend to social determinants of health
    • Provide care for the whole person and the whole family
    • Address health literacy and health disparities

Where will this new center be located?

This new building will be added to the Upstate Campus, on E. Adams St. directly across from the Cancer Center.

How do you "transform health care delivery?"

Upstate will change the way people access care through:

  • Developing integrated practice models where services will exist seamlessly within one setting.  Primary care, behavioral health, specialties, palliative care, and social supports will be integrated to reduce fragmentation and promote patient-centered multidisciplinary care in a single location.  Primary care and behavioral health providers will share in the care of patients, development of care plans, and education of patients and families.
  • Establishing Transitions Clinic to ensure seamless post-acute follow-up and warm hand-offs to other settings.
  • Offering Chronic Disease Self-Management, Centering Pregnancy, and other wellness programs.
  • Forming patient-centered teams including disciplines such as social work, case management, Health Home, pharmacy, and nutrition.

How is this getting paid for?

Upstate was awarded Capital Restructuring Financing Program (CRFP) funds in the amount of $70,581,969 by NYSDOH and DASNY to build a new integrated Ambulatory Care Pavilion.  Additionally, $75,000,000 was allocated in the 2016-2017 NYS budget to provide matching funds.

What is DSRIP?

Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program, also known as DSRIP is the main mechanism by which New York State will implement the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Waiver Amendment. DSRIP´s purpose is to fundamentally restructure the health care delivery system by reinvesting in the Medicaid program, with the primary goal of reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years. You can read more about it here: