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...our parking garage lights are being replaced with brighter LED fixtures estimated to save $165,000 per year.

A brighter – and less expensive – future

garage light

Upstate's parking garages have a brighter – and less expensive – future, thanks to a new and more energy-efficient lighting system now being installed. Standard industrial metal halide fixtures on all levels of the East and West parking garages are being replaced with LED fixtures that will last four times longer.

The light-emitting diode units also use 85% less energy and will save Upstate about $165,000 per year – about 2% of the university's entire electric bill. The project also qualifies for incentive rebates from National Grid of about $200,000.

For information on how you, your department, your team, your class can become involved in Upstate's "Think Green" program, contact Darlene Ford at fordd@upstate.edu or 315 464-7114.

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