Department Champions

What's involved in becoming a departmental champion?

  • Display "What You Can Do" PDF document poster in your area or email a pdf of the poster to your colleagues.
  • Discuss green opportunities within your department and among your colleagues during staff meetings.
  • Stay tuned for upcoming department, team, and individual green contests and encourage those interested to enter.
  • Monitor and post green ideas coming from your department for all the Upstate community to learn from and build upon.
  • Participate in university-wide campaign events to promote sustainability efforts.

Green Department Champions

  • John Novinsky, Pharmacy
  • Patricia Duffy, College of Health Professions
  • Cheri Allen, College of Nursing
  • Cheryl Roe, PH&PM
  • Donna Stoner, Volunteer Services
  • Valerie Beecher, Employee Health
  • Tree Carter, EH&S
  • Jennifer Martin-Tse, Registrar/Student Affairs
  • Jessica Hrybinczak, Registrar/Student Affairs
  • Virginia Keenan, Clinical Data Services
  • Maureen Fleming, Clinical Practice Analysis
  • Lynne Buckshot, AP–1
  • Diana Hardt, Clinical Data Services
  • Mary Jo DiNuzzo, Graduate Medical Education
  • Vickie Keeler, Pediatrics
  • Deanie Crane, 5E–OR
  • Elaine Patterson, 5E–OR
  • Ellen Giruad, Emergency Med
  • Christina Martino, 6H
  • Kelly Kincaid, 3N–OR
  • Teresa Koulouris, CRU
  • Colleen Fenton, Nursing Administration
  • Kristen Kovalewski, 6I
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...every nickel counts! Before you toss that returnable soda or water bottle into any other bin on campus, look for specially marked receptacles featuring the 5-cent bottle sticker.
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Climate Action Plan
climate action plan

In 2009, Upstate president David R. Smith, MD signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), committing the university to become "carbon neutral" by 2050.

Upstate submitted its first Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory in 2010, and began work on a Climate Action Plan PDF document that was completed and submitted to the ACUPCC in May 2011.