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Property Management

Paul Hrybinczak of SUNY Upstate's Property Management department
Paul Hrybinczak of SUNY Upstate's
Property Management Department

'I Hate Throwing Anything Out.'

This is recycling on a grand scale, and it's all SUNY Upstate stuff.

Paul Hrybinczak of SUNY Upstate's Property Management department presides over a 10,000 square foot warehouse filled with recycled – and recyclable – office equipment, furniture and electronic components.

Upstate employees can obtain used items for their work areas by making a request through their department. They also can visit the Ainsley Drive warehouse Fridays from 9 am to noon to inspect items. No appointment is needed.

"There's always a constant flow of materials," Hrybinczak said. "We try to reuse as much as possible."

The steady supply results in large part from renovations to Upstate offices and clinical areas, when old furniture and equipment need to be removed. Hrybinczak or one of his two staffers, Maryann Garbooshian and Rod Carter, determine if items are candidates for the surplus warehouse.

Some items they accept are ready for immediate reuse or may need some repairs; other items are sent to recycling centers or transfer stations. Upstate employees have first crack at the warehouse items, but if there are no takers, they're made available first to other SUNY institutions, then to state agencies and local municipalities. If they're still unwanted, items go to the state Office of General Services, which tries to sell them on eBay.

Hrybinczak urges employees to check out his inventory – which includes hundreds of desks, chairs, tables, lockers and filing cabinets, among other goods – before ordering new.

"We all know that someone's junk is someone else's treasure," he said. "They put the right guy in charge out here. I hate throwing anything out."