Some of Our Accomplishments

Recycling Benefits Habitat for Humanity

recycling paint.Thinking about painting the inside of your home? Why not do it in the vibrant colors of the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Upstate Medical University has donated approximately 120 gallons of paint—in such colors as Austin Orchid, Friendly Yellow, Rosy Apple and Buttermint—to Habitat for Humanity. The paint was all that was left over from the original construction project. Read More >

Coronary Care Unit

8e nurse recycling.Despite the signs to the contrary posted throughout the coronary care unit in Upstate University Hospital, staff members believe it's "easy to be green."

Nurses on the unit (8E) have been encouraging greater vigilance in the recycling of paper, cardboard and plastic, and they have set up a centralized location to make recycling … yes, easy. Read More >

Receiving Department

recycling used cartridges. Willie White, Steve Egan and the rest of the Receiving Department in the Campus West Building have plenty of work to do as it is.

But if additional work comes in the form of more recyclable inkjet and laser cartridges, cell phones and PDAs, they are fine with that. Read More >

Clark Tower

Clark Tower students recycling.Recycling is second nature to SUNY Upstate students who live in Clark Tower.

The residence hall has had a recycling program for about six years, said Assistant Director of College Housing Sharon Huard. Read More >

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Department members who have gone green with coffee mugs.Coffee lovers in the Department of Radiation Oncology in University Hospital have gone green.

The 35-member department has done away with disposable polystyrene cups, and has switched to real mugs. The savings? Almost $400 a year.
Read More >

Property Management

Paul Hrybinczak of SUNY Upstate's Property Management department'I Hate Throwing Anything Out.'

This is recycling on a grand scale, and it's all SUNY Upstate stuff.

Paul Hrybinczak of SUNY Upstate's Property Management department presides over a 10,000 square foot warehouse filled with recycled – and recyclable – office equipment, furniture and electronic components.
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